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In Store Pickup Now Available


If you're local to the Stoney Creek/Hamilton area, or are willing to travel a bit, feel free to use the new "in store pickup" option when you're checking out. Of course this means you'll have to come into the studio to pick up your order, but if you need it fast and don't want to pay shipping, there's no better option! See my Shipping Info page for more info.

New Info Added to Shipping Info

Hello peoples... just a quick heads up to let you know that I've added some new information to the Shipping Info page here on the store. Nothing too exciting, but there's now a table of shipping times for all the available shipping options. Hopefully this can be helpful, and for those of you out there holiday [...]

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Recommended Shipping Dates For Christmas

Hey folks... just thought I'd post a link to Canada Post's 2012 Holiday Season Suggested Mailing Dates. Please keep these dates in mind, particularly those of you interested in using the most economical shipping option, Surface Parcel, to ship to the US.  Hope you're having a fantastic December! -Kelly

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Welcome to Kelly Lowe Glass - Open For Business!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the new and extra fancy Kelly Lowe Glass online store! While there are still many items to add to this shop from my Studio, those here are ready to go. So enjoy, shop a bit if the fancy strikes you, and let me know what you think!

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Adding new items every day

Hello folks. Just a quick little news item here to let you know that there's still plently more to come in terms of pieces needing to be put up on this store... in fact, I have a whole studio to list! I've tried to get some of my seasonal pieces up to begin with, but [...]

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