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My glass angels are all individually handmade using traditional glassblowing techniques that date back centuries, or in some cases even longer. Each angel begins as liquid glass within the glassblowing furnace, from where it is pulled, shaped, coloured and hand sculpted into its finished shape. Each angel is then slowly cooled in a special glassblowing kiln for twenty-four hours, a process which ensures the angel is durable enough to last a lifetime. Once the angel is properly cooled I polish the bottom flat to ensure it stands safely and sturdily*, and then finish the piece by signing it using a diamond tipped dremel tool. I make sure to sign my angels on their bottom, ensuring that my signature does not distract from the angel while it is on display, but it is still there to show my pride in my work. It also serves as a reminder to yourself that you're the type of fabulous person who supports independent artists, which I think is a pretty spiffy type of person to be.

*The Hanging Angels, being meant to be hung from their string, do not have their bottoms polished flat and are thus not freestanding.

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